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Community-Based Malaria Control Project


Malaria is endemic in all of Ghana and despite successive health reforms, malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Some of the highest rates of malaria are in the North, and in rural communities. ADDRO’s (Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organisation) project worked to promote community-based access to health services, with the aim of increasing numbers of people using preventative measures against malaria and accessing proper services when diagnosed. Key beneficiary groups were caregivers, pregnant women, and children under the age of five.

The project trained community volunteers to engage with households directly about malaria preventive measures. Community-wide activities were implemented, with community leaders contributing to an integrated approach to improve maternal and child health. The project also provided training for both government and private health staff to improve the quality of service-provision.

ADDRO aimed to reach marginalised groups who would not usually be involved in this type of project. One group that ADDRO engaged in the project was the Nomadics Fulanis, who move along with their cattle for pastures. ADDRO agreed with them to meet on Fridays (when they travel less due to Friday prayers) and in some cases evening for the malaria education sessions.

ADDRO utilised community radios across the project districts for disseminating information on malaria, monthly panel discussions and regular play of malaria jingles (three times a week) in local languages. They also held phone-in sessions, where listeners could ask questions and make contributions.

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